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About veggie

I always enjoyed cooking. Vegan cooking was a challenge for me and somehow it surprised me when I realized how good and simple it could be. So many options and possibilities. So I dove into it, until the current days. It was a long way between my geologist career until I started running Veggie. The turning point was the awareness of: “If I could realise how simple and good vegan cook can be, why not share and show it to other people? At this moment Veggie was born 🙂

About Veganism 

As most people I know, I never could handle and accept animal’s cruelty. I lived in a country where daily we see stray animals, sometimes being mistreated in several ways, hidden from our eyes or not. I started to rescue animals and help organizations, taking care of animals in all ways I could do it. After a while, I could not ignore the entire circle around me, which  included what I was eating, dressing, and buying on a large scale. This was when veganism came into my life, and again, second best decision ever!

About Me

Oi, I am Monica, Veggie’s owner. I was born and raised in Brazil. Back to these times, I was very connected to nature and I found myself very curious about our planet and its processes, so I decided to study Geology, the best decision ever! I have followed this profession for about 20 years and I can say that I see the planet in different eyes, geological eyes. 

Brazilian Coffee

Our cuisine is inspired by Brazil. No differently, our coffee is from Brazil, freshly toasted in the Netherlands, by Schot. We offer four different types of vegan milks: almond, soy, oat and coconut. We also offer a traditional Brazilian coffee experience, where you can make your own coffee using a mini filter and appreciate the smell of Brazilian coffee beans.


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